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Survival Gardening
Survival and gardening have gone hand in hand for centuries but In the last 50 years we have perfected the art of the completely useless and unproductive urban landscape while becoming nearly completely dependent on the long and highly oil-dependent supply chains.
Can we take a leap of faith and rethink how to feed ourselves?

As we are now living in times of profound uncertainty and unprecedented change this gardening workshop will help you update your gardening skills to help you shape your own future. New skills will help you to begin to grow your own plant-based diet which will lessen the risk of becoming severely ill. Plant-based diets will install healthy microbes in your gut and healthy gut microbes ensure a healthy body.

Should the economy collapse, fires, extreme storms, or droughts lead to circumstances where our access to food, was cut off, would you know how to produce and harvest crops to feed the family even for a short period of time?

Course participants will gather at Dee’s garden 25 Walbrook Rd, Manly at 10 am for a cup of herb tea, an introduction and a 10:30 start. The next course is on Saturday October 2nd.

Participants must bring something nutritious and simple for a shared lunch, no processed food which we will partake of between 12:30 and 1 o’clock.

We will finish between 3 and 3:30 depending on questions and the time it takes for various garden “rambles” to observe productive gardening methods and identifying plants.

Participants need to bring warm clothing, sensible shoes, pens and writing materials, and cameras if they wish to take photos.

Cost is $40.00 and is limited to 10 participants. Bookings are essential If your green fingers up to the challenge.

Have you lost the “Art of Gardening Survival Skills?”
Join Dee for her workshop
“The Limitless Possibilities of Survival Gardening”
Dates - Saturday 16 March 2024 & Sunday 14 April 2024.
10am to 3.30pm.
Cost $40.00
For more information email Dee

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Are you working with children? Want ideas for bringing nature into your programs? Need to develop creativity and get in tune with nature? Dee's workshops and books are just the place to begin you journey to discover basic literacy of the living world.

You will find on this site a unique range of books and workshops and my ecological gardening methods, and if you need more information on gardening consultations, workshops or an inspiring speaker contact Dee.

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"Dee's work is a national treasure she should be nominated for a major nz award the research and info ... she have compiled into such educational creative inspiring books we just love them and we share them to get the message out."