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Tamarin, Dee with Alison Roe

What do you want for your Child? How can you build an environment in your home that will enable the child to grow up with nutritional literacy and develop the confidence to make healthy choices?

Epigenetics helps us understand that the genome is more like a dynamic living being—growing learning and constantly adapting.

Eating food with high levels of pesticides has an adverse effect on the brain. While toxic products like bug sprays, air fresheners, toilet fresheners, pet products and synthetic chemicals alter cellular behaviours. The brain reflects the body!

Exploring Nature's Pattern MagicExploring Nature's Pattern MagicExploring Nature's Pattern Magic
Dee with Ruby

Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic is one of the most important science based children's books published in New Zealand. This original book will awe your imagination, become a source of inspiration and show you how nature developed the first world wide web. Be a genius like Leonardo de Vinci and build your brain on nature.

Nature displays an endless variety of eye-catching patterns in a variety of form, colour and texture. Patterns help us understand how energy flows through nature's network of complex systems.

Geniuses like Leonardo de Vinci and Antoni Gaudi built their brains on nature. In designing the church Sagrada Familia Gaudi understood that nature is constructed by the laws of mathematics. The structural elements of this church were inspired by nature. The lesson he leaves us with is to look to nature for inspiration. He believed that nature was the richest source of inspiration and knowledge and that we need to understand how nature responds to its environment. His work anticipated the science of Biomimetics.

Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic is one of the most important science based children's books published in New Zealand by Mary Egan publishing. This original book will awe your imagination, become a source of inspiration and show you how nature developed the first world wide web.

We live in a World that is run by Nature and natural processes, based on the principles of Science.
The resulting stories are rich and variable and patterns make them visible.
When we use those patterns and their stories in citizen science and environmental education, we help to raise nature-literate humans, equipped to re-discover the Planet's operating manual.
Ruud Kleinpaste


At first look this book is overwhelming - there is so much information, so much colour, so many ideas. Gradually as your eye becomes accustomed to the pattern (and there is a definite pattern to the layout) you realise there are enough ideas here to keep a budding scientist delving for some weeks (and months) ... read more
Barbara Murison, Around the Bookshops

It is not often I have the pleasure of reviewing non-fiction books for children so I am delighted to share my thoughts on this new one coming out this month. It is a total exploration of all the wonderful patterns we see in nature. Often when we see an insect, animal, plant or indeed any natural thing, we may immediately see the beauty in them but we may not always see the patterns... This is a wonderful book, perfectly packaged and ideal for any home or school library. ... read more
Book Trailers 4 Kids and YA

When I flicked to the Contents page in the book, I was already being presented with stunning images of patterns from nature. The contents page also demonstrated that there would be a wide rages of patterns and mathematical concepts covered in the book. I was seriously looking forward to moving through to the rest of the book ... read more
Kate, Kiwi Reviews

Sonja's Kitchen

Dee has teamed up with Sonja Raela who runs the coolest Organic café on beautiful Aitutaki to bring delicious Cook Island flavours. Beautiful photography courtesy of talented husband Mike makes the book an essential food guide to food and plants of the island.

Many of the plants featured can be grown in New Zealand making the book extremely useful for Schools wanting to introduce Polynesian students to the food plants and recipes of the Pacific Islands.

Gardening for Planet EarthGardening for Planet Earth

If you are an aspiring vegetable gardener this is your book. Dee's knowledge will benefit beginning and experienced gardeners alike. The depth of information is enhanced by Mike's photographs. While growing your own food you will discover the diversity and tastes found in plant foods. Fresh and organic not only benefits Planet Earth but build your health and wellness with nutrient rich home grown foods.

Nature's Techno TricksNature's Techno Tricks
Andree and Dee

Many people believe our future lies in computers and space travel, but animals, plants, insects and microbes are nature's engineers. Using tiny cell factories and DNA blueprints, nature builds and designs organisms that are custom-made to survive in their environments. Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) anticipated the natural science of biomimetics. He understood that nature is constructed by laws of mathematics. His lesson was to look to nature because nature is the richest source of inspiration and knowledge that we have. Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic is the perfect book to use along with Nature's Techno Tricks to help children build their brains on nature.

This book was the inspiration for Andree Mathieu and the book L'ART D'IMITER LA NATURE published by Editions Multi Mondes, Montreal, Quebec.

Boating for All
Mike Pigneguy

Author, Mike Pignéguy has been involved in sailing for most of his life. Mike's family home from the age of four was a boat and he often crewed for this father, who was a professional yacht skipper. Mike joined the Merchant Navy a week after his 16th birthday and at age 25 he was sailing as Chief Officer.

'Boating For All' includes information on charts, plotting courses, signals, boat maintenance, boat handling and safety issues. Activities for testing skills are also included: practice makes perfect as getting something wrong on the water can often be disastrous.

Saltwater in Her HairSaltwater in Her Hair

Written in 2001 Saltwater in her Hair captures the personal stories of women who had chosen seagoing careers. It celebrates women's lives while dealing with the obstacles and hurdles that must be overcome if women want to lead fulfilling lives. Written 15 years ago this book has a historical perspective and would be useful in high school to show both young men and women the contribution women have made as role models in the maritime industry. Saltwater In Her Hair is an insight into dealing with harassment, developing relationships, maintaining marriages and caring for children while continuing to work in their chosen careers. An inspirational book.