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Conference Workshops
Survival Gardening Workshop

Advance Your Gardening Skills
Building Soil Fertility - Plant Life Cycles - Interplanting, rotation, nutrition - Planning the 4 season Harvest.
Predator - Prey Cycles - Managing pests and disease.
Watering - Weeding - Mulching.
Useful perennials, herbs, weeds, berries and flowers.
How crops fail.
Taking that leap of faith.
Location - Dee's Garden, Manly.
Dates - Saturday 16 March 2024 & Sunday 14 April 2024.
10am-3.30pm, $40

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Grow me well, feed me right - learn organics.
A RUN-DOWN fruit shop holding a world full of health, wonder and nutrition in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, was the saviour to Maria Boer, who had ridden a bike for more than four hours, and a quick start for her future passion for orangic gardening.
In July last year, the Opotiki doctor went to the Cook Islands for a holiday. As most stores were closed because of Covid-19 restrictions, she stopped at the inconspicious store and found herself in a wonderful fruit and vegetable shop owned by an elderly woman who grew and harvested the produce ... read more

Exploring the Nutrition, Nature, Brain, Development Connection

Brain plasticity has never been more important when optimal brain development depends on both good nutrition and nature experiences. Many of today's children and their parents are divorced from both nature and nutrition. This workshop explores the creative meaningful ideas and activities that can be used in a nature based learning environment.

Childhood is a succession of first experiences—nature has an inexhaustible capacity to offer new discoveries. A lifetime of lessons to be learned. Make the most of the unexpected, guide independent discovery.

Library of Nature

Developing scientific literacy based on the natural environment rather than the digital fantasy world. Are you limited by the range of subjects you use for science?

Let me:
•   Introduce you to the patterns of the living world
•   Show you nature as a network of forces and interrelationships
•   Help you design nature activities to build curiosity
•   Explore the use of patterns for observations, interactions and exploration of the natural world to promote inquisitive thinking
•   Introduce you to nature's technology—Biomimetics

Biomimetics in the Garden—Making the connection between the garden and early learning.

The natural world can be a place for exploration and building a sense of wonder, confidence and creativity while escaping into the imagination. Dee will share inspired, fun and practical hands on ideas for creating an environment that will foster curiosity and engage children in observing the patterns and cycles of nature.

The field of biomimetics recognises nature's technologies that will be the basis of sustainability in the future. What could be more important for preparing children for a sustainable future than building knowledge and understanding of the natural world?

If you would like more information on Dee's conference workshops and other workshops available, please contact her.