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Meet Dee at the New Zealand Book Festival - 5 November, 10am to 4.30pm at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 487 Dominion Road, Mt Eden It's an exciting time for the literary world, with the resurgence of independent publishing bringing new voices to the fore, and allowing diversity in the publishing landscape. The NZ Book Festival brings writers and readers together to share their love of literature. Book Fair Poster

What are the new challenges for gardeners with changing weather patterns? October 12th Hear Dee speaking at the Snells Beach Garden Circle, Mahurangi East Community Centre, Snells Beach. 2:00 pm.

Research shows that Children who comprehend patterns in the world around them develop skills to acquire and retain information.

Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic

Many of Dee's workshops show teachers how patterns have the potential to make a major contribution to inspire teachers and increase their variability of teaching strategies.

Magic Patterns in an Edible Garden. On Sunday November 13th the North Shore Branch, Forest & Bird Kiwi Conservation Club will be visiting Dee's new urban garden in Manly. She will show us her secrets to developing an intensively planted organic, edible garden in her urban backyard. Find garden insects; discover how nature keeps pests and predators in balance. Discover Nature's technology, "Biomimicry". and Pattern Magic. We copy many of nature's ideas to solve our problems. www.kcc.org.nz

November 18th-20th. Dee will be at the Nature Education Conference, 592 Ngunguru Road, Kiripaka, Whangarei. Her workshop title: "Library of Nature" Letting Nature tell her story. Developing literacy based on the natural environment rather than the digital fantasy world. www.natureeducationnetwork.co.nz

Past Events

On Sunday 21st August - Storylines Family Day, at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, will see Dee and Dietlind of Dede puppets dedelive.com running a puppet making workshop. Puppets are an excellent way of exploring the world and different possibilities. Using Grow Me Well we will encourage the children to build their own puppets from a variety of recycled and surplus materials. The storyline is directed only by the set up of a scenery based on the importance of food in their life. The puppets are for the children to keep and parents can also take images of the children acting out their own storyline. www.storylines.org.nz

Garden to Table

Dees series of workshops for Garden to Table have featured identifying herbs and unusual plants to establish biologically diverse plantings for beneficial insect gardens, pruning and the importance of patterns.
Garden to Table Specialist Meeting, Monday 4 July, 10.00am – 12.00, Glen Eden Primary School, Auckland
The importance of patterns in the garden. Pattern observation is a tool to understand the maths behind the patterns in the living world. Discover how Matter cycles on our planet, how energy flows through the earth's system and how the Web of Life connects organisms with each other. www.gardentotable.org.nz

Childspace Nurture In Nature workshops have featured Dee's presentations about sustainability, natural environments, gardening, nutrition and patterns in nature. www.childspace.co.nz

For the NZAEE Conference 9-12 February 2016. Dee's Patterns of Life workshop used the visually exciting book 'Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic' to introduce nature's patterns and a whole new vocabulary to help young children talk science. With a collection of natural materials, Dee shared inspired fun and practical hands on ideas for creating an environment that fosters curiosity and engages children. NZAEE NZ Association for Environmental Education. nzaee.org.nz

Lagoon Day, Rarotonga

Lagoon Day Rarotonga - October 2015. Dee was a guest speaker on the local radio Rarotonga. Both Dee and Mike were involved in helping to judge this amazing Cook Islands Science fair.